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Interesting Coca-Cola Facts

13 Interesting Coca-Cola Facts That Will Blow Your Mind

While it’s been one of the favorite drinks worldwide since 1886, there are many interesting Coca-Cola facts that you probably didn’t know anything about.

Check out these interesting Coca-Cola facts

1. Total 3.1% of all the beverages consumed all over the world are Coca-Cola trademarked products.

2. Coke produces so many different drinks that if you decided to drink one per day, it would take you more than 9 years to try them all.

Interesting Coca-Cola Facts

3. Definitely, one of the most interesting Coca-Cola facts is that this famous beverage used to contain cocaine, which was removed only in 1903 due to increasing public concern.

4. The original purpose of Coca-Cola was to cure headaches, hangovers, exhaustion, and even low sexual libido.

5. In Chinese language, Coca-Cola means ‘to let the mouth rejoice’.

Interesting Coca-Cola Facts

6. Coca-Cola comes in handy if you need to clean up blood spots and is often used to clean blood off the roads after traffic accidents.

7. If every drop of Coca-Cola ever produced were poured in 8-ounce bottles and laid together, end-to-end to make a chain, they would reach to the moon and back over 2.000 times.

Interesting Coca-Cola Facts

8. A can of Coca-Cola will sink when placed in water, whereas a Diet Coke will float.

9. There are only two countries in the whole world where you can’t buy Coca-ColaCuba and North Korea.

10. The name of Coca-Cola is the second-most understood word in the world, after ‘OK’.

11. Coca-Cola with its creative advertising helped to build the image of Santa Claus as we imagine him today.

Interesting Coca-Cola Facts

12.  Coca-Cola was the first soft drink that ever reached space – in 1985, astronauts tested the special edition of Coca-Cola – the Space Can aboard their Space Shuttle Challenger.

Interesting Coca-Cola Facts

13.  Coke invented the six-pack, introducing it for the first time in 1923 and increasing the sales.