Nude Yoga

Nude Yoga Transforms Into Art By Instagram Girl

Nude yoga is the style of yoga where the participants do the asanas naked. It has gained popularity over the years and many yoga studios now offer the classes. The instructors of nude yoga often claim that this style promotes openness and brings self-confidence along with the introspection, so much needed nowadays. They teach people to release themselves and to accept their own bodies with all its imperfections.

The nude human body attracted numerous artists over the past few centuries. Some of the most remarkable works of art were dedicated to glorifying the beauty of the naked human body. The nudity has always been a subject of both controversies as well as curiosity. There is something about the naked human body, especially a female body that attracts attention. The artists in the past knew this fact and used it to either provoke the general public or to make people think. Either way, artists always get a reaction using this technique.

The 25-year old photographer brings the nude yoga to a whole new level by creating an Instagram account with tasteful black and white shots . The account was created only five weeks ago, but it already has about 90k followers. She managed to make nude yoga photos as a form of art. Gracious body postures and nude yoga positions of human body are portrayed in such a manner that these photos are art by themselves. It is a combination of two different arts: the art of nude yoga body movement and the art of photography.

The author said that the goal was not meant to make them attractive to the primary level but to inspire people to lead a healthy and happy life. Due to the strict rules of nudity on Instagram, these nude yoga pictures are taken in such a way that the private parts are hidden through a variety of angles, shadows and using Photoshop. All pictures have been taken at home with the help of her boyfriend.
” My biggest problem in the past, I have seen the fault in my body all the time, which made €‹ €‹it impossible for me to love myself completely, ” she told NY Mag. “Yoga has helped me to accept my body just the way it is. On my account, I want to inspire people to understand that all this is very pleasant and that they are able to do amazing things with their bodies. ”

This young artist is on the right way to promote nude yoga with her photos, which was her goal in the first place.