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Inspired Beauty For A Fantastic Frozen Halloween


A lot of people are obsessed with frozen. This forms part of the reasons why we are taking advantage of Halloween to fully transform Elsha. We found some of the best DIYS on YouTube from braided head to painted toe which will easily turn you into an ice queen. Some of this includes


Makeup wearable hairstyle, the tutorial uses volatizing powder, teasing hair extensions and padding to get an ultra-thick, luxurious braid like Elsha’s. This is ideal for beginners because each step of the French braid is explained. SCS nails, instead of doodling directly on the nails, the creator paints directly onto a plastic bag and then peels the character off using tweezers once the pigment has dried. It’s more of of making you nails thicker


Promise Tammany phan, Mate your tan complexion with ultra-light foundation and maximize your lips with makeup. Use liner thick to make your eyes look enormous. Luxy hairs, to make this look more casual and relaxed, use a rattail comb. Use the end to loosen up the hair.



Disney style, weave a blue ribbon into the plaited bun to make the style look really authentic. Stean faerie, you have to learn first how to contour with two different shades of blush to make this style. Cute polish, it involves using temporally tattoos in an easy way to create custom nail art. This will leave friends dazzled when they see the results.


Charisma star, take your look to the next level with blue contact lenses and ultra-pale. Hannahroxnails, all you need for this is three polishes. A pale blue, a sparky sapphire and a chinky glitter to create this look Disney style.it uses natural hair to do a pretty plait like Elsha. Glittergirlc, this calls for a more artistic interpretation of elsha eye makeup instead of the exact recreation. For more of this,, visit YouTube and get the videos yourself.