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Innovative Ways to wear a classic leather motorcycle jacket


Edgy, cool and hip €“ classic leather motorcycle jackets are a staple of our attires for generations. Owning a trusty leather jacket should be on a list of every woman. Besides looking great, it is warm and extremely durable. Still, as anyone should have it, we need innovative ways of wearing them in order not to look the same as everyone else.


Scoop Long Sleeve Leather Moto Jacket with Shearling Collar is a very interesting model, ideal for chilly autumn months before us. With a side zip and fur collar, it is bound to insert a dose of chic to your life.


Another interesting model is J. Crew Collection Standing-Collar Leather Jacket, an elegant white leather jacket. It features a Russian collar and comes in very clean looking white. Copper zippers round off its truly lovely look. Many opportunities for combinations come with this jacket, from skirts and dresses to simple blue jeans.


Philim Lim presented a convertible leather and wool black biker leather jacket. It is highly interesting, with a wooly part on the chest and leather sleeves. Creative design is a certain way to showcase your knack for fashion. We recommend wearing it with long tight skirts or fashionable pants and shoes.

Madewell Washed Leather Motorcycle Jacket features a classic design, but then again, no one ever went wrong with going classic. Black leather jacket with silvery zippers and large buttons, this one is a sure way to be certain your jacket will never go out of style.


Balenciaga leatrher biker jacket comes in colors of darker shade of brick, making it a lovely fusion of elegance and cool. Warm colors make it proper for formal meetings and fun design ensure it is not droll. Wear it on every occasion!