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The Incredible Karma Between Doberman And A Horse

A Doberman named Boss has a special way with horses, especially his friend Contino. He is referred to around his community of Lima, Peru as the “Horse Whisperer.” While the two may appear to have many differences between them, together they share a unique bond that makes them inseparable.

Boss seems to have followed in his owner’s footsteps, and developed a love for taking care of horses – especially Contino. The two spend a great deal of time with one another, playing and enjoying each other’s company. And despite his smaller size, Boss can even pull the horse around on a lead rope!

And how does Contino feel about its four-legged companion? The horse is very affectionate with the dog, frequently nuzzling and giving him kisses. It’s apparent that Boss likes the attention, as he stands there for it, and sometimes even returns the love. The interaction between the two is incredible to watch, with a friendship that will warm your heart!