5 Important Makeup Tricks They Teach At Makeup Artist School

We’re bringing you 5 important makeup tricks that are about everything you’ll ever need to know about achieving your perfect makeup look. And these are not just any random important makeup tricks – they’re coming directly from the makeup artistry teachers.

Discover the 5 important makeup tricks that will drastically improve your makeup routine


1. Invest in your tools

Tools are as important as your skill of application. So, make sure that you’re using proper, good-quality brushes that will immediately enhance the result of your makeup technique. You will need 8 basic brushes: lip brush, foundation brush, powder brush, blending brush, flat eye-shadow brush, concealer brush, precision angle brush and a blush brush. Once you have these, take a good hold of them. Literally! Remember, the closer your fingers stand to the silver part of the brush, right beneath its head, the pressure on the brush head will be bigger, and the other way around. To apply color evenly, try placing your fingers on the center of the handle.

Important Makeup Tricks

2.  Mix the primer with foundation

While we all know that primer is applied before foundation, real pros suggest that you mix them and apply together for a more translucent look without obvious layers.

Important Makeup Tricks

3.  Concealing flaws

Use the opposite tones to cover the different color spots on your face. Green pigments work for redness, orange for the blue – beige will only make the imperfect areas look muddy.

Important Makeup Tricks

4.  Learn how to do contouring like a pro

Contouring is all about shading and highlighting. With the good contouring technique, you can make your round face look more oval, or alleviate your prominent forehead. Basically, this is the formula: colors lighter than your skin will help you make some particular area more prominent, and any darker shade will make the area recede.

Important Makeup Tricks

5.  Accentuate your eyes

You can also alter your eye shape by playing with highlights and shadows. Using a light bronzer halfway between the eyebrow and lashline helps add definition and make your eyes look bigger.

Important Makeup Tricks