important healthy rules

Important healthy rules for women in their 30s

Important healthy rules, how does it sound? It sounds like something every single person should follow, especially today. Life itself is not what it used to be. In the past people have had time to relax and spend some time in the nature, or somewhere with their families. Food we have eaten was much healthier. We are not  saying, you cannot eat such food today, or do these thing, but let’s face it, it is much harder to find time, or to buy healthy food.

Today food is full of chemicals and people have less and less time for themselves. Also, technology took place in almost every single life. Just stop for a second and take a look around you when you are on a street. Everyone is rushing, people are looking down at their cell phones. No one is talking with no one. People are not smiling. Just sad, too sad.

So, with such a fast way of living we don’t even have time to eat properly, to sleep enough or to workout.

important healthy


If you as a woman are one of these people, and you are already in your 30s, it is about time to change something. It is time to follow important healthy rules.

Why now in your 30s? Well, in your 20s you still have a lot of energy and you are not aware of changes that happen in your body, or what is it that your body needs at that period of life.

But in your 30s, you start to see and feel changes. Then it is time to take care of yourself to make the rest of your life healthier and easier.


Therefore, here are some important healthy rules for, not only women in their 30s but for women over 30 too


1- Proper diet

Find a good diet plan, especially if you have some health problems.


2- Workout

Start to workout, but find yourself a workout plan that you will enjoy.


3- Avoid meat

If you love to eat meat, it is time to reduce the amount. So, avoid it at least once per week, but if possible even more than once.


4- Kegel exercises

Incontinence can be a huge problem and it usually starts after age of 30. As you are getting older the strength of your pelvic floor muscle is becoming weaker. Kegel exercises will help with that problem. Do at least 30-40 repetitions per day.


5- Breast exam

At least once in 3 months do your breast exam. This is very important healthy rule.


6- Check  hormones

Keep body hormones in balance. Do the needed tests to make sure everything is ok.


7- Protect your skin

Use sunscreen all the time. You will protect yourself from rays and prevent wrinkles.


8- Water

Except having a good diet, you must drink water, at least 2 liters per day. In the morning you can combine glass of water with lemon.


9- Stop smoking

We all know how smoking is unhealthy, so if you do smoke it is time to stop.


10- Control anger

We all get anger from time to time but you have to make sure to avoid it. Anger and stress affect your general health.