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I Got Married Young — and I Don’t Regret It


When I was 20 and recently engaged, one of my relatives staggered up to me at a family party. Just tipsy enough to get directly to the point, she pulled me aside and slurred in my ear:

“Simply verify this is something you truly need,” she said, alluding to my engagement and future marriage. I smiled pleasantly, wanting to get my life partner’s attention and wrangle my way out of the discussion, yet she proceeded. “Your 20s are such a unique time. Verify you truly get the opportunity to enjoy them.”


In my first semester of college, I had befriended my future spouse at 18, began dating him at 19, and had gotten engaged at 20. The majority of my loved ones were happy for us, yet even in the midst of the congrats, people still left the woodwork to bring up to me that I was super youthful €” I had whatever remains of my life to get married, why surge? Is it true that i was mindful of how youthful I was? As a self-aware, adamant 20-year-old, I declined to consider that I could be excessively youthful, making it impossible to get married. My fiancé and I were perfect on all levels, and he was smart, caring, and faithful to boot. He approached his mom with respect (something I had always been advised to look for in a future mate), he made me laugh harder than any other person, and he had a steady job. Whether I got married at 32 or 22, this was the individual I needed to go through my existence with without a doubt. Why hold up?


Two years after our engagement, at the ripe age of 22, I got married to my now-husband. We’ve been married for almost six years right now, regardless I keep up it was one of the best choices I ever constructed, however unconventional. As per census information from 2011, individuals are deferring marriage in record numbers, and the middle age for a first marriage was 27 for ladies and 29 for men €” up from 22 and 25 an era back, respectively. Thirty years back, getting married at 22 would have been absolutely ordinary. Presently it was seen as unsafe and, to be perfectly honest, really odd.