huskies and a kitten

Huskies and a kitten -story of friendship!

There were once three huskies and a kitten and they were friends…Wait, it’s not a fairytale, although it sounds like it!

We bring you an amazing story about huskies who became friends with a little kitten who was sick at first, but later got better and survived due to the great miracle of love!

It all started with Siberian Husky named Lilo, who became a great mom to a sick little kitten, despite her natural instinct of a hunter.  Little fluffy fur ball, named Rosie was on a brink of death. Everybody thought she wouldn’t make it. But then, Lilo, took her like her own puppy and the two of them bonded instantly.

Lilo proved to be a great mother, despite her predator instinct by which the whole husky breed is known. Rosie, the kitten, was very sick the first day, she was lethargic and limp and it all looked like she wasn’t gonna make it through the night. Then, people decided to give it a try-they let little kitten to cuddle with Lilo. And, it worked amazingly!

Siberian Husky Lilo gave a little kitten all of the love only a mother could give and Rosie survived!

Three huskies and a kitten – incredible pack

Like a real carrying mom, Lilo has thought Rosie many things. She tought the little kitten to go with the pack as a dog. Three huskies and a kitten are now like a family pack, going everywhere together. Rosie’s humans opened a facebook page Lilothehusky, where they put the pictures of the adventures of this incredible trio!

You can see the true love on these pictures , some incredible thing that really happened! Huskies are known hunters for decades, and this was a true miracle that Lilo accepted the kitten as her own puppy and became her mom. The story goes even beyond that, since the three huskies and a kitten developed a strong bond of an amazing friendship.

These pictures will melt your heart! Meet Lilo and Rosie!