i am addicted to you- New Stream Netflix Version 5 Releases for November 2015. 1

New Stream Netflix Version 5 Releases for November 2015


Every   month , the transmission channel provides a new list of film and television deals to keep you busy and tail . Here , we highlight the five most pleased to offer this November and the full list of new releases below

The new Smart Sitcom :



Master of Nothing ( November 6 )Meet misfortunes and living in New York they are at the heart of the new comedy series Aziz Ansari , master of none . Each episode focuses on a general topic , such as children or the auditions , so go ahead and make room in your schedule binge – currently watching . The ten episodes first season just in time for the weekend of Thanksgiving.

The Comic-Con Must-See:



Jessica Jones ( Nov. 20 )Jessica Jones is the latest Marvel series coming to Netflix. Krysten Ritter stars as the titular superhero turned detective, trying to put a traumatic past (and former mentor turned enemy) behind him. Expect a much darker tone than Supergirl – but just as much to female The CW

The Timely Doc:



Dior and I ( November 14 )This document comes at a particularly bittersweet moment as Raf Simons announced last week that left his position as creative director of Dior. The film, by Frederick Cheng , is the young Belgian designer created his first collection for Dior in 2012 with only eight weeks to do it . Dior and not only look great in one of the most legendary fashion shops , but also a time to honor one of its most visionary designers

The dreamy Melodrama :



Anna Karenina ( November 12 )Pride and Prejudice director Joe Wright and actress Keira Knightley took the romantic epic Russian Anna Karenina , for their third collaboration . The 2012 film costume has to cut the breath and one film (most of the film takes place on a stage ) . It also features a cast of stars just before they made it big , like Ex – Machina Alicia Vikander and Domhnall Gleeson and Ruth Wilson The Affair .