I am addicted To You - How To Wear Overalls This Fall

How To Wear Overalls This Fall

Fortunate for all who enjoy them, overalls have made a big comeback this year. They were known as something kids wear throughout the past, but these beloved onesies now have a more distinct adult vibe to them. Manufacturers started making them in denim washes, leather and even lace €“ so they are certainly different then what you wore as a kid. With that many great overall designs, there is a great many ways to wear them of course.


Denim overalls go with white blouses perfectly, especially if they are dark denim. Pair them with a big pair of sunglasses and a trendy small handbag and you simply cannot go wrong. They give off a chic vibe that still maintains its elegance.


If you prefer white overalls, pair them with a black blouse. Straw hat is also a great addition, as it will make you look cool and trendy while keeping the tricky autumn sun from your eyes. Black handbag is a must too, as it provides contrast to white onesies.


Leather overalls are incredibly exciting. Tight and sexy, they go perfect with black handbags and high heeled shoes. Wear some bright red lipstick and let your hair loose to look like proper star.

There is a vast array of overalls on the market currently, even the unconventional wide ones made of lace. They can be used as just pants by wearing a cute blouse or a jacket over the top part, or as a lovely piece by itself if you decide to show some skin. Pair it up with Spartan sandals and some pastel handbag to look like a proper lady. If you want to add some color, pick blue ones, or even green and red. Never be afraid to experiment with overalls, after all, that is why they exist!