A Pink Lipstick

Some Tips On How To Wear A Pink Lipstick

Wearing a pink lipstick is not only reserved for Disney princesses and catwalk models. It’s for all the bold and chic ladies who dream of adding some fresh and bright colored youth to their face. With a little skill, you can easily turn a pink lipstick into a perfect match for your playful smile and wear it daily in a way that screams ‘effortlessly beautiful’ on every occasion.

We all know that there is no point in denying that there is a special connection between us, girls, and the color pink. It’s difficult to explain how and why, but it just happens too often that the color pink attracts our attention more than any other.

Yes, nude tones are all natural and perfectly-fitting into any makeup strategy and style, however, a pink lipstick guarantees you a look that is inviting, cool and lovely – and never dull!

But, how to wear a pink lipstick?

As with any other piece of makeup, there are ‘do’s’ and ‘don’ts’ when using a pink lipstick.

Before applying a pink lipstick, you will want to make sure that your lips’ shape is well defined with a lip pencil. Once it’s done, choose the right color, based on your skin tone and apply it to your lips by using a lip brush, for it makes it easier to apply the color around the edges and gives you a more even finish. For the beginning, we suggest that you stick with matte because it looks great on almost anyone and guarantees you a simply stunning look.

However, when wearing a pink lipstick, don’t overdo the rest of your makeup. Since the lipstick itself is in demand of attention, make sure that you go for the minimal makeup around your eyes. Avoiding the lip gloss and not wearing too much blush is key to staying on the safe side, far from the risk of looking like an eccentric 80’s TV star.