I am addicted to you - How To Use Your Halloween Mask Throughout The Year 5

How To Use Your Halloween Mask Throughout The Year


Halloween is passed and you can finally rest your mind and body from the meticulous planning and the tiresome execution of the ultimate Halloween costume. It’s a pretty big deal, and we are certain you spent a lot of time preparing and making the costume, so it kind of is a shame to just wear it once and instantly get rid of it, right? Believe it or not, we prepared a few ways you can continue applying different parts of your Halloween attire throughout the year, in every single occasion and circumstance.



Makeup is one use, of course. If you’re one of those people who heavily stocked up on fake blood to use it to freak out other people, you likely have a lot of it left. Well, guess what, fake blood makes for an exquisite cheek stain. Put a bit on there and your skin will get a lovely natural looking flush that will make you look adorable.



With an all new interest in everything shiny and spectacular, it is no wonder you can continue using all that glitter you brought for Halloween. Glitter is absolutely no longer exclusively a night thing, you can put a bit here and there during daytime too!Black lipstick can absolutely, in a right combination, look good. It is not just a piece of your mask; it can be a powerful beauty statement too. What” more fun than an unusual lipstick? Wear some shiny jewelry, red or black blouses and tight skirts and put that black lipstick on €“ you’ll look amazing.



If you work a lot and often have black circles around your eyes and they generally just seem tired all the time, white crayon you brought for your Halloween costume can mask them up. Try it, it will work and you will look much more energetic!