I am addicted to you - HOW TO USE A BEAUTY BLENDER 6


For something as basic as a cosmetics wipe, individuals truly lose their minds over the BEAUTY BLENDER . It’s pink, bouncy, and charming €” and a few fans have even gone so far as to spruce up theirs or fuse it into a Halloween ensemble. (We can’t make this stuff up.)

Be that as it may, beside embellishing it to resemble the Easter bunny, would you say you are really utilizing the Beautyblender to its maximum capacity? All the more imperatively, would you say you are wetting it before utilization? “If you utilize it dry, it doesn’t work the same way; the magic is the point at which you wet the wipe,” says Rea Ann Silva, who invented it in 2007. “When it’s wet, it gets to be greater, gentler, and less thirsty. Rather than sucking up the cosmetics, it pushes it out onto the face.” Run it submerged and squeeze out the overabundance €” it ought to be damp, yet not sopping wet.

The device is beloved for its capacity to touch on foundation consistently, yet cosmetics specialists applaud it for its adaptability on eyes, cheeks, and lips €” and manicurists like utilizing it, as well. We partnered with makeup artist Nick Barose and manicurist Miss Pop to separate how to get the most out of this cheerful, pink wipe €” and to dream up four exquisite looks you can make with it. It’s a piece of our new arrangement Tool Time, in which we unload normal hair, cosmetics, and nail tools and acquaint you with better approaches for utilizing them.

Read on to figure out how you can maximize your Beautyblender.


About That Egg Shape

Without a doubt, the shape is adorable €” yet there’s a great deal more to it than its looks. “For a considerable length of time, cosmetics specialists had been removing the edges of triangle wipes to make a less characterized line of boundary,” says Silva. However, hours of tired hands (and numerous disposed of wipes later), she knew there must be a superior way. In this way, while dealing with the set of Girlfriends, she started to research shapes and landed on the egg. The thought originated from a blend of two prevalent wipe cutting techniques: making a pointy wipe to achieve little regions and making a wide, round-bottomed wipe to cover huge areas quick. Fun truth: The corner-less shape is so hard to mass-deliver that the Beautyblender is still cut by hand in the production line.

The Material

While the precise cosmetics of the hydrophilic foam material is a piece of the brand’s secret sauce, its most vital quality is the capacity to assimilate water. “Wipes were constantly intended to be utilized wet, yet the standard wedge wipes repulse water,” says Silva. At the point when sodden, this foam material attracts water and permits a modest bit of cosmetics to enter the top layer of the wipe for a cushion impact. With proper care, the Beautyblender ought to last around three months; Barose suggests washing it after each few uses with delicate cleanser or the brand’s Solid soap.

The Technique

At last, the technique. While individuals utilize the Beautyblender in an assortment of ways, the best is to tap, tap, tap it over the skin €” instead of clearing, dragging, or moving, which changes the impact.