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How To Treat Curly Hair For Better Hair Management


Have you ever thought about how dazzling women with super-stunning curls manage their hair? Imagine a scenario in which they have nobody around on a bad hair day, even flaunting airport fashion? From Manisha Koirala to Kangana Ranaut, we have seen these delights flaunt their curls like nobody’s business. Also, if you have the same curls €“ waves to spirals, here are ways to make those curls manageable and simple! flaunt them off dears yet in the first place, figure out how to treat curly hair.





Goodbye chemical straightening agents and curling hot tongs, and goodbye to those costly parlor trips too, we needn’t bother with that sort of routine to manage with our curls any longer. So here is the deal, we require moisture for our curls to assist them with settling great, and in impeccable agreement! Furthermore, there are simple approaches to administer to your curly hair if you look into your kitchens! We have for you some amazing curly hair tips, to make those tresses a ton more reasonable.


Stale Beer

Rinsing your curls with stale beer is the thing that grandmother constantly prescribed, and she was right at that. Stale beer has properties to revive curls and renew them as well. The beer particles help renew the curls and make them glossy and delicate, bouncier also. Non-alcoholic dark root beer is the best to use, with general shampooing and conditioning however. Give a final rinse with rose water to remove the smell of beer!

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Apple Cider Vinegar

If you are thinking about how to treat curly hair, Apple Cider Vinegar is a bestie to the curls, and they help characterize the hair strands and remove all frizz as well. Since ACV is acidic by nature, the pH levels of the hair are overseen and you would have less hair fall as well. More sparkle, more volume and more curls to flaunt, sans the development. You have to utilize some ACV with some water for the last rinse after you wash your hair.


Eggs To The Rescue

Abhor the smell of eggs, so do we! What you could do is, take half a cup of raw sour yogurt and a tablespoon of rosewater, all added to the yellow and white of one egg. Blend them well and apply on the hair. The proteins in the egg and the fats too would get all the hydration, moisture and the restoration your curls need. Rose water eradicates the smell of eggs and curd nourishes the scalp as well!