I am addicted to you -HOW TO STYLE SHORT HAIR 7


Is it just me, or did July go by much too quick? I have a few occasions this weekend, so I’ve been arranging out my outfit and hair and as you may know, I as of late cut my hair really short and in the wake of perusing your superb recommendations and remarks, I chose to film a hair instructional exercise during the current week’s Five Minute Friday. I know you all have been requesting for a moment now, so here it is!


After cutting my hair, I understood there’s just such a large number of ways I can style it. For this instructional exercise, I was roused by the sea waves, and how your hair actually curls in the wake of spending a day at the shoreline and since shoreline waves are so in right now, I thought this would be the ideal instructional exercise for those of you with short hair. The same idea meets expectations on the off chance that you have longer hair in the event that you bring the curl down more.



Short-haired women, trust you appreciate this instructional exercise and stay tuned for an up-do coming your direction soon!