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How To Secure A Date After Getting Her Digits


It’s Friday night, and your supervisor has been riding you like American Pharaoh. Nothing sounds superior to anything a night brimming with mouth-watering food, a couple beverages and incredible organization.

Adventitiously, your phone goes off. It’s a message from your boys, saying will be at the new bar that simply opened a couple blocks from your place. Yahtzee!

Your Facebook status says “single,” so on top of anticipating a huge night, you’re not contradicted to meeting another person.


On account of this, you shower and shave, dab on your most loved cologne, throw on that perfectly sized shirt and bolt out the entryway.

Upon entry, your first intuition is to investigate the scene, locate a empty table and set up shop. Your group is purchasing the first round, which gives you a lot of time to study the field for an excellent woman.

You look to your 3 o’clock, and your jaw drops. She’s donning the all-American white top, thin pants and ruby red lips look that will never go out of style.

A few moments later, she discovers you looking. Busted! It got a laugh out of her, and subsequently, you wear a senseless smile from a distance. You’re now on her radar.


Your vision gradually advances toward her hand. In it, there is a cosmopolitan, nothing unexpected there. Lo and observe, she isn’t wearing a ring. She’s up for grabs. Rationally, you claim dibs.

Fortunately for you, her companion aggregate is on the same playing field as yours so regardless of what happens, everybody gets a fair shot. Before you even take a taste of your Jack Daniel’s, you audit the most critical quotes from “The Game” in your mind.

“How you doing?” was the first thing out of your mouth. That is the means by which you know your brain is fried. Strangely, it got a smile out of the lady, and you’re in. BOOM! The ice is broken.

In the wake of exchanging pleasantries, we’re going to fast forward to when you make something happen. At this point, your stomach is full of wings and whiskey, you’re feeling great and you’ve sufficiently made rapport with the woman to request her number.

In an amazing move, she doesn’t simply offer it to you, yet she grabbed your telephone and plugged it to herself! So much win! It’s getting late, and you go part ways genially with the promise to stay in contact.

Here’s the place the real fun starts.


With a specific end goal to avoid generalizing, how about we isolate you honorable men into two basic gatherings: ages 18 to 25 and everything else above 26.

In case you’re quite recently beginning in today’s dating scene, you’ll most likely play it by ear, welcome her out to some coffee and do your best to show up like the smooth operator.