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How To Rock The Smoky Eye Look

There are few looks that suit autumn as good as smoky-eyes and light makeup does. It is, first and foremost, an incredibly versatile look. All you need is a bit of eyeliner and shadow, and the possibilities for combination with other products and accessories are seemingly limitless.

You can wear such an adaptable style during any season of the year, but somehow it best suits Fall. Maybe it is because it radiates certain smoldering elegance, but it goes ideally in combination with yellow leaves and long coats made for chilly weather. It comes as no surprise that the most popular shadow colors in autumn are olive green, plum, orange and brown €“ after all they are the colors of the season. As always, we have the best tutorials from the internet to create such a look and properly get in that pumpkin and sweaters mood


Follow the next steps to achieve the perfect smoky-eye look. Go to YouTube and search for Jaclyn Hill. She is a first class beauty expert, and specializes in makeup and appliance of different products to achieve all kinds of different effects. Her method for a perfect smoky-eye is using red, copper, and wine shades to create a cold-weather look. In her tutorials she tends to explain everything to the viewer €“ she even lets you know which brush to use for each and every step.


Vlogger Many Mua has another very useful tutorial on achieving smoky-eye look, this time with a cute twist. He blends olive green shadow with traditional colors of the fall, and the end results are truly stunning.


For people with hooded eyes, makeup artists and vlogger IAMKARENO has special tips and tricks €“ all available on her YouTube channel. She tends to put on purple shades, use a pretty dramatic eyeliner and shimmery highlights.