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How To Pull Off Easy Cold Weather Hacks

It breaks our hearts when we have to switch out favorite summer dresses for boots and long coats that hung in closets up until now. It is October, and weather conditions demand we give up our cute summer attires and replace it with something warmer. But, there is a way to mix pretty with useful, and continue wearing your summer clothing and still be warm!

Tank dresses and mini-skirts will not be confined to our wardrobe until summer, not this year! By using the simple art of layering, you can keep warm and prevent colds and show off a level of style that will leave your friends and passerby’s who look upon you on the street in awe. Dresses should always remain an option, winter or no winter!


You should always mix silk and leather. Silk is pretty and stylish, but not so warm. Well, leather jackets and coats go along perfectly with silk blouses, and the end result will keep you warm and allow you to show that wonderful silky design from your favorite blouse or dress.

Pastels and stripes are in this year, and fortunately that leaves us with plenty opportunities to play around with them. Make sure to dress in something warm that will serve as your top layer. Then take your pastel and stripe rich blouses and shirts and wear them in a way they show underneath your jacket or a cloak. It will keep you warm and cozy and display a sense of style.


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Mini dresses are wonderful, but leave too much skin open. When the air is cold and the wind blows, that can be a problem. An elegant and simple solution is to take your favorite t-shirt and wear it beneath you mini-dress. End result is chic and urban, and you get to wear your favorite mini-dress!