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How to Properly Take Care Of Your Hair At Home


Treating your hair the proper way should be a priority for all women, that much is clear. Doing we often go from one hair stylist to another, and spend ludicrous amounts of money. As it turns out you do not need a small army of stylists and fashion and health experts to keep your hairdo amazing and fresh.

Nikisha Brunson is a Texan who co-founded the lifestyle blog Pineapple.life. She says she grew up hating her voluminous and tightly curled hair, but now loves every inch of it! People often stop her on the street to ask her how she achieves that lovely curly effect. Her secret is Elucence clarifying shampoo. Nikisha applies it every other week, and then smooths it in Shea Moisture Jamaican. End result is both elegant and looks natural and healthy, according to Nikisha.

Margot is a well-known classically trained violinist. Besides crafting lovely sounds, Margot is known for her magnificent blonde short hair. Her secret is Unite Textruriza spray, which she uses on dry hair. We wonder if that’s the only product she uses before coming out on stage besides Katy Perry with whom she just had a tour with.

Karli Enriquez needs no special introduction. She is a Beats by Dr.Dreambadassor and a former VJ for MTV Tr3s, and a well-known face across the country. Now she landed a gigantic gig as a Ryan Seacrest co-host on Dash Radio. According to her, her day starts at 4AM, so she does her hair in the evening and ties it up in a bun so it stays fresh until the morning. She prefers to keep her thick frizz-prone waves sleek with regular blow-outs too. Her favorite hair product is Bumble and Rumble hair oil which keeps her hair shiny and fresh.