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How To Prevent And Treat Windburn

A nasty case is not only windburn that you want to return to their homes after a day of work in the cold. Although it may, and windburn not to the winter of sunburn – it is not caused by the harmful rays of the sun. Windburn is in fact the result of the cold temperature and a low rate of moisture in the air. These conditions the impoverishment of the natural oils of the skin, which leads to dryness, irritation and redness. “Your skin is red and begins, because the blood vessels of peeling, outer layer of the skin, dilates the blood vessels.



  • your skin. Wear mittens to protect hands, scarf or neck to protect your neck and chin, and a headband or Red Hat to protect your ears, and the superсhilly days, masks for hair in the nose, the cheeks and the forehead.



  • If you opt for a long time, river on some Moisturizing cream sunscreen. This will protect your skin from the sun and windburn. Don’t forget to lubricate the lip, too, with the SPF moisturizing cream to lip. Apply the cream to the skin and lips every two hours.



  • Check the weather, and to know the wind chill factor before the trip. If the weather conditions are not very cold (below 20 degrees F), then schedule, for a short period of time. The Memory Stick for activities which are slower. Race on the mountain on skis when so absurdly cold is not very good at your jaws.




I Windburned skin hydration, therefore, if you have to get windburn, apply the lotion (fragrance-free or one of the ingredients rain will be less annoying) approximately three to four times per day. “People old rain in the top of the windburn, and then they do not take the moisturize,” Dr. Jаlimаn. “Abused Franchitti debut prefer products only “.   You can also use aloe vera gel to the factory or a bottle for cooling and cure windburned skin.