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How to nail a contouring look


With a fast pace modern fashion shows go with, many makeup artist developed new and creative ways to portrait classic makeup schemes. Many do not avoid contouring look, but disagree you need a lot of layers of makeup to achieve it. Instead, they developed ways and means to give it fast and precise.


Recent Balmain fashion show was marked with warm, sunset colors models wore. That look was not achieved with overuse of products but with careful shading and smart appliance of various products. It complimented caramel colors most dresses were colored in ideally. That meant a lot of brown mascara and orange lipstick, rich brown spread over the model’s lids and bronze foundation. As the entire fashion show had a sunny, desert looking vibe to it, it was crucial for makeup artist Pecheux to accompany dresses with skillfully crafter makeup sets €“ and he did deliver. Being one of the best in business, he performed his job quickly and precisely.


Still, as makeup artist in charge of the show, Pecheux spent most of the time on sculpting the cheekbones and adding a bronze shade to the skin of the models. That was achievable by tapping a pearly skin cream onto the tip of the cheekbones and accompanying it with brown cream over the facial hollows. He massaged the products until they were nearly invisible. Next step was the bronzed €“ by using a powder formula Pecheux brushed the pigment low on the cheeks. He usually starts low and works his way upwards, since that way gives him a guarantee paint won’t look like three different shades but one smartly constructed picture.


All of this took less than ten minutes, and models were ready for runway in an instant. No one who was in attendance could presume the entire setup was performed minutes before the show €“ since the models looked like they spent long grueling hours doing makeup.