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How To Make Your Makeup Sweat Proof In Summer

How To Make Your Makeup Sweat Proof In Summer

Imagine the situation-you are infront of your mirror,trying to do your make-up fhe best you can.You have done it and you look amazing but then you are entering into the hot train and your foundation is dripping down your neck,mascara is smeared,eyeshadow and liner are gone.Summer make-up isn’t easy but there are a few tricks that can help.


1.Sweat-proof makeup ingredients

Beauty expert Julie Ricevuto says :” When looking for products that will keep your makeup from caking or sliding off at first sign of sweat,opt for ones that are oil-free and silicone -based.The sillicone will act as a barrier between your skin and the humidity so that foundation won’t slide off or trickle into your pores.Avoid oil-based products since they will ultimately lead to a slick face.”

So the next time you find yourself in the store invest in a few new staples so that when the temperature is high you are ready.


2.Great skin is a must have

If you want to have a flawless makeup you need to take care of your skin.This is the first step for everything.

Ricevutu says:”Use lightweight moisturizers to lock in hydration without starting your skin off looking slick.Also choose long-wearing,oil-free formulas to keep your makeup budge-proof and smooth.”


3.Winter skincare routine can’t be summertime routine

Makeup artist Liz Fuller says: “Skin will get greasier and pores will get clogged during the summer months due to sweat and sunblock.”

This means that some things need to be changed so that the makeup you put reacts positively to the heat.

4.Use a primer

“To ensure melt-proof makeup start using a primer.Primers help to create a smooth canvas for makeup application and will keep makeup looking fresher longer.Look for primers that advertise as “matte”. I like NYX Shine Killer,” says Fuller.


5.Tinted moisturizer

“Use a lightweight tinted moisturizer or BB/CC cream.Just apply enough to even out skin,” Fuller says.


6.Dust a loose powder

I am addicted to you - How To Make Your Makeup Sweat Proof In Summer

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After you have created flawless face it is logical you want to protect it.

“Loose powder will also help to absorb any oils in your skin,”Fuller says.


7.A setting spray

There are a various types of setting sprays-basic spray that keeps makeup in place,sprays that give a dewy finish,or sprays with oil-control.


You can use anti-perspirant on your upper lip,under your breasts.It is a quick way to stop sweating.