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How To Make Fruit Pizza

I don’t know precisely how old I was the point at which I had an Fruit Pizza interestingly, yet I can recall pretty unmistakably thinking something along the lines of, “Where has this been all my life!?” I’ve normally eaten Fruit Pizzas that have pieces of fruit on top of a cream cheese layer with a sugar cookie crust underneath. Keeping in mind I’m absolutely an aficionado of the first, I thought it would be amusing to stay with a comparable flavor profile, however control the ingredients a bit so it really looked more like a pizza once it was finished. What would I be able to say? I’m a sucker for oddity sustenance…

Fruit Pizza

16 oz of refrigerated sugar cookie dough (pre-made or you can use your own recipe)
8 oz strawberry cream cheese spread
coconut flakes
strawberries, pineapple, kiwi, or whatever fruit you want
fresh mint

To begin with, make your outside layer! Take your refrigerated cookie dough and roll out a large cookie on a greased baking sheet that is 1/4-1/2″ thick. I thought that it was least demanding to reveal the mixture on the heating sheet specifically with a bit of wax paper on top and after that utilization a pizza cutter to trim off the spiked edges. Bake until your cookie edges simply begin to turn golden brown (you need the cookie to be somewhat underdone so it has a chewy surface). It took around 17 minutes for mine to begin to turn golden.




How adorable is that? This is an incredible thought for a kid’s gathering, yet who am I joking? Most full-developed grown-ups I know would adore it too! Unless you reveal your mixture much too thin, you ought to have the capacity to cut slices and lift them up to eat like genuine pizza pieces. For individuals like me that are pizza crazy to begin with, this is excessively delightful, making it impossible to leave behind, however it’s a special reward that it additionally tastes extraordinary as well. Set aside a few minutes for a slice of this pizza soon! xo. Laura