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How To Make Anti-tan Packs From The Comfort Of Your Own Home


It’s completely useless to try and hide from the sun, sooner or later you will have to protect yourself. If you strut about without any sun lotions or other means on protection on your skin, you will get sunburned, and that is both unpleasant and unhealthy. So, you need sun lotions or sunscreens, but some of them do have chemical ingredients that harm your skin. The logical solution here is to learn how to make your own anti-tan pack in your home, and we will be showing you how.



Believe it or not, you can make an efficient sun protection face pack with yogurt and tomatoes. They are highly accessible and you likely already have them in your fridge, and they are extra healthy and filled with beneficial ingredients. Tomatoes have plenty of lycopene and vitamins A,B and K, and are awesome for de-tanning, treating sunburns and removing excess skin oil. Yogurt has moisturizing properties which makes it a great addition to your tomato and yogurt based homemade anti-tan pack.



Start of by slicing the tomato in four and sprinkling some sugar over the top of one slice. Pour some yogurt on it and rub it to your face, neck and arms. It is important to keep it there for fifteen or twenty minutes so the process can be initiated. After it sits there for a while, gently remove it and you will instantly notice how much better your skin looks.



If you go out to the beach after you have had the tomato and yogurt treatment you will notice the sun doesn’t do nearly as much harm as it would if you went with no type of sun protection at all. It is cheap, highly effective and all-natural!