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How to Look Great Coming Off the Plane, By the Minutes



We all have that traveling friend who can recommend anything, from best coffee shop in Vienna to most intriguing art expo in downtown Berlin. But of all the mysterious knowledge travelers possess, one is by far most alluring. How do frequent airline fliers maintain well-kept, unconstrained look while changing so many destinations and time zones?

Luckily, our team of travel experts is known to frequent many airplane rides to catch up on meetings, fashion shows and worldly art exhibits €“ and is ready to bestow every tip and trick to maintaining your look as fresh as it was in the comfort of your own home.


First of all, flying takes a tool on every organ in your body, and that is especially true for your skin. Dehydration should be a first and foremost concern for all weary travelers.

Half an hour after boarding the plane, wash your face with any cleansing formula to protect it from pollution and dirt. This way, you are certain no outside muck will heavily influence your complexion during long flights.


Then, during first couple of hours of flight, apply a clean moisturizing mask directly to your pre-washed face. After waiting a while, it is important to apply one more layer of hyaluronic acid formula on top of the first mask layer. By the third hour, wash it all away and put on a hefty coat of the mask, leaving it to soak in for several more hours.

Besides the cosmetic tips, it is crucial to stay hydrated in general. Our traveling experts advice drinking at least twelve ounces of water every hour. If you followed all the steps above, one finishing step is all you need to look amazing during landing.

I am addicted to you - How to Look Great Coming Off the Plane, By the Minutes 3

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Make sure to leave time in order to remove the moisturizing mask, wash your teeth, apply lip balm and eye cream and brush your hair. Follow this procedure, nothing , not even flights that last entire day will affect your look.