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I am addicted to you - 13 WAYS TO KNOW YOU ARE WELL DRESSED 6

How To Know You Are Dress Up

How To Know You Are Dress Up

1) Compliments on your outfit are more week after week than bi-every year.

2) You never have that inclination of being over, under or strangely dressed for any event.

3) Your companions have a tendency to ask you where you purchased things, and after that buy literally the same thing.

I am addicted to you - How To Know You Are Dress Up


4) You can compactly depict your style in 3 words.

5) You’ve generally had each item €“trench coat, panther pump, minimal black dress, and so on €”on every ‘must-have garments’ list.

6) You see your tailor more than some of your nearby companions.

7) Your family and companions request that you take them shopping or style them for significant occasions.

8) You’re regularly halted in the city by ladies requesting that where get a thing you’re wearing.

9) People take a gander at your Instagram #OOTD posts for outfit motivation.

10) Even on days where you have an inclination that you don’t have anything to wear despite everything you figure out how to make something out of nothing.

11) You can take a gander at photographs of yourself from three months prior or three years back and still like your look.

12) Your family supposes you’re “unimaginable” to look for in light of the fact that your taste is exceptionally specific, re: chic.

I am addicted to you - How To Know You Are Dress Up


13) You don’t need to spend more cash to create an impression €”your very much prepared eye serves you pretty much also in a thrift shop as it does Barneys.