How To Dress Like A Biker Girl


Why should boys have all the fun of dressing like badass bikers? Open road, freedom and motorcycles are attractive options for everyone, and are bound to inspire some very attractive clothes. Fashion world has been fascinated with biker culture for a while, but mostly when it concerns male clothes. Here is how you too can implement these cool motifs to your wardrobe.


Having the predominantly male history with all things biker, it comes as no surprise the style itself demands wearing chunkier and rougher pieces. That of course does not in any way limits it for dudes, as they can look stellar on gals too! In order to make a hot biker chick make sure to wear these often €“ large silver earrings, crosses, studded jewelry, dark camisoles, purses, boots, minimal makeup, ruffled hair, stern smiles and plenty of attitude!


Leather above all things is what makes this signature style. Playing around with colors is not recommended, as classic black looks ideal and there is no need to change it in any way. For accessories, put on those cross necklaces and large silver round earrings €“ or even wear a cross earring. If you already have a leather jacket you can easily pin some studs on it yourself, it is easy and inexpensive. Cowboy boots and jeans are good choices for foot and legwear; jeans should be dark and ripped, but not excessively.


If you have any tattoos already do make them visible by wearing a sleeveless denim jacket or by revealing a bit of stomach, depending on where your tattoo is. If you do not have one, there is a whole lot of temporary choices out there €“ pick one and go wild!
By following these advices you will look like a character from TV series €œSons of Anarchy € in no time