How To Do Natural Makeup Step By Step – The No-Makeup Look


Gone are those days when you used to slather on tons of makeup and make your eyes pop out with a variety of eye shadows. The rage nowadays is to go for a no-makeup look-you are not precisely undeniable, but rather you haven’t set up tons of makeup either! To accomplish a natural looking makeup look, it is very simple.


Natural makeup items are available in aplenty in the markets and the greater part of them guarantee a delicate, glowy completion and an extremely negligible tint to your skin or your lips and cheeks. The regular looking makeup procedure has a few steps and it won’t take long for you to master the natural makeup look.


How to Do Natural Makeup:

Step 1: The way to a natural makeup procedure is to focus on sticking to the common shade of your skin. Your point is not to look not quite the same as what your normal skin shading is, yet rather work on ways to enhances the texture, lessen redness and puffiness all over and make a natural and shining look.

In this manner, you will pick an foundation which is normally the same to your skin shading. Identify your ideal shade of foundation and mix it all over your face. How to pick impeccable foundation shade? All things considered, your foundation ought to absolutely vanish into your skin! Utilize your fingertips for an all the more even coverage.


Step 2: For the concealer, pick a shade which is two shades lighter than your present skin tone. Spot it around the places you think should be covered. These incorporate imperfections and under eye bags. You can again utilize your fingers or even a beauty blender to mix it all in.




Step 3: Bronzing up your look is imperative step in terms of how to do a natural makeup. You can likewise utilize your blush right now. Utilizing any of these two items will give your skin a natural shine (isn’t that something we all need?). In any case, you will need to go for a light look because sometimes bronzers may tend to look inconsistent and unnatural. Careful discipline brings about promising results! So verify you utilize bronzer or blush very slightly.


Step 4: Finish off your look with a light lipstick furthermore eyeliner and a touch of mascara! Your natural look is finished!