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I am addicted to you - How To Do Cleopatra Makeup,Look like An Egyptian Princess With These Makeup Tips 2

How To Do Cleopatra Makeup,Look like An Egyptian Princess With These Makeup Tips


History recollects Cleopatra as the most beautiful woman to have ever walked on earth. What’s more, Cleopatra Makeup is as incredible as the prevalent River Nile in Egypt.

Does that mean we leave Cleopatra’s enchanted eyes and makeup to the confines of textbooks and writing? In what capacity can a great many ladies would like to take after Cleopatra’s expert methods in looking a stunning queen?


Here we unearth her makeup secrets that she held carefully shrouded. step by step instructions to do Cleopatra makeup, as you will see, is easy to follow and an outright winner.


In order to get the stunning Cleopatra makeup look, you need:

. A good quality base
. Concealer
. Foundation
. Face powder
. Brushes
. Eye shadows (cream, gold or blue)
. Black eyeliner for eyes and eyebrows
. Blush
. Lipstick or gloss (as per your preference)


How To Do Cleopatra Makeup

Here is the stepwise pattern on How to apply Cleopatra makeup:

Step One €“ Face

The first thing to do is to wash your face clean and splendidly. Having done that, put on a moisturising cream, follow it up with a makeup base and a decent concealer to hide dark circles under your eyes and nose sections. Presently apply a quality foundation all over, necklace line (and bear in mind to apply foundation on your cleavage as well). In the event that you have oily skin or annoying issues like pimples or blemishes, then apply a face powder.

Step Two €“ Eye shadow

This is the time to apply eye shadow. Begin it by touching cream eye-shadow on the eyelid zone and after that highlight your exquisite eyes with more stronger hues, for example, gold and blue. This will help make the ideal Cleopatra makeup look.

Step Three €“ Eyeliner

It’s a time to put your black eyeliner energetically. Begin off by drawing a straight line along your upper and lower eyelashes. Keep drawing the line on the upper eyelid without halting at the outer corner of the eye. Give a finishing touch by making the line into a tail to secure a dramatic makeup.


Step Four €“ Eyebrows

It’s Eyebrows time now. As a part of Cleopatra makeup actualities, you have to emphasize your eyebrows. Keeping in mind the end goal to do that, you have to utilize a unique eyebrows pencil or a blush, however it ought to be closer to your eyebrow shading. Try not to press the eyebrow pencil excessively, or exaggerate. Simply begin at the inner corner of your eyebrow and continue going along the brow line till the time you have come to the outer corner.

Step Five €“ Lips

Why leave your lips? All things considered, it is the most vital asset of your face. As a part of Cleopatra Makeup, you have to put on a lipstick or gloss, whichever you favor, in warm and normal shades. They can be rose, beige, peach or cream. Yet, in the event that you incline toward putting on a gloss, then a transparent one would be perfect.

Step Six €“ Cheekbones

Your cheekbones should be highlighted as well. You can procure it by utilizing a brown or pink blush, so as to look fab.