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How to deal with jewelry related allergies



With Halloween approaching, almost all costumes are bound to feature plenty of cheap jewelry. With them often come complications, especially for people with sensitive skin prone to irritations and allergic reactions.


You already know the type, displayed on numerous stands and stacked in cheap jewelry shops along shiny clothes and trendy accessories, these jewelry pieces look glamorous and trendy until the outer paint peel off. Afterwards, you are left with a corroded piece of metal orscratched plastic that looks like something that belongs on a junk yard rather than an ornament meant for human beautification.

Soon enough your skin starts becoming green or red due to paint stains. That seems fairly innocent, but many people have serious allergic reactions to any material used to make jewelry other than surgical steel or gold.


First of all, green spots on your skin are nothing to worry about. Copper often produces copper salts when corroding, which is green in color. That color is embarrassing, but leaves no irritations. However, a lot of people are allergic to nickel, chromates, gold and cobalt, among others. If you start noticing rashes under your jewelry, don’t ignore it. This is a sign of allergic reaction.


First step to treatment should be removing the jewelry. Than you should wait and see if the rash disappears. If it does not, try using scent-ridden household soaps or laundry detergent.

Most importantly, know when it is time to pay a visit to your dermatologist. If you’ve been gently moisturizing your skin for a couple of days €“ definitely schedule an appointment. Your doctor will likely conduct a series of tests and prescribe a suitable topical steroid cream which will solve your problem.


After you’ve dealt with cheap jewelry rash, it is time to stop using these poorly made accessories. It is countlessly wiser to just save up money and buy something that’s worth it.