break up

How to break up and really move on

When you decide to break up, you have to know that is not going to be easy! Because, break ups are tough, no matter what the circumstances are! You used to spend the time with this person, you loved him/her and suddenly the things just end, for different reasons.

And you are faced with so many things! All of the sudden you have plenty of time you don’t know how to spare, you miss some good things from the relationship… And you start to wonder whether this was such a good idea?

How to really, really break up

And that is the point where the whole story goes wrong! You start to doubt your decision and stop being so sure about it. You have second thoughts and you feel like you made a mistake. Well, you have to realize you didn’t and questioning your decision is the worst thing you can do.

1. Don’t go back to your ex

Once you’ve started questioning your decision, the easiest thing to do is going back to your ex. Besides that, he is not that bad, right? I mean, you will find thousands of reasons to justify your wish to go back, from the happy memories that you had to the loneliness that you feel! But you have to remember: it is wrong! All these reasons that actually made you break up with this guy will eventually pop up again! So, take the courage and move on! And yeah, don’t text him! Just move on!

2. Focus on yourself

I am sure that every one of you, girls, has been in a relationship, at least once in life, where you completely forgot what you actually want and what you aspire for. The time when you break up with the guy is the time when you have to focus on yourself! You should realize what you really want of your life and where you want to be! Once when you get the idea, the rest will come easy!

3. Surround yourself with friends and supportive people

Now when you are in an emotionally delicate period, you will need  supportive people and friends who truly love you! Because, as we said, break ups are never easy! And you need second opinions and the voice of wisdom when you get into the mood “I should call him again”. That’s what friends are for! For good and for bad!

The most important rule here: if you made a wise decision that the break up is the best thing you have done, you should stick to it! And find the most easiest ways to get over the past! It will be painful for a while but    it shall pass!