I am addicted to you - How to add Cheese to any meal you make 2

How to add Cheese to any meal you make


Cheese is important. Like, really important. No meal should go without cheese. Breakfast omelets taste countlessly better with some cheddar; lunch sandwiches simply require extra slices of Swiss cheese and don’t get me started on a lovely relationship between pasta and cheese.


This is how to make the best of a wonderful thing that s cheese, and make sure you get the most out of every meal.

For breakfast, make a honey ricotta sandwich to fully satisfy you cheese-craving palette. Ricotta tastes wonderfully when baked, is sweet and often used for desserts. Take a piece of toast and put ricotta, figs and some sea salt on it for maximum effect.


Lunch is transformed from a basic meal to a cheese-infused modern art piece with a Croque Madam, and some ham and eggs. Gruyere is a fancy sounding cheese that will make this dish a million times better than if you would use any other kind. If you don’t like eggs, grab a croquet monsieur which is made without them.


Between lunch and dinner, you will crave cheese once again. Such is the way of things with the marvelous substance, and do not insult it by refusing. Instead, take some halloumi. Halloumi is fried cheese, and as such, is delicious. But besides being fried, it is a mixture of goat and sheep milk, and it is good enough on its own. In fact, only eat it by itself; nothing else is near the perfection of halloumi. Okay, f you must, take some tomatoes and parsley, and make sure to water it all down with a nice cup of red wine.


Dinnertime is here, and that means risotto alfredo. Take a handful of parmesan and a tad bit of chicken broth and mix it in with some rice. Pour yourself some more wine and enjoy!