I am addicted To You - How Do I Take My Makeup Off

How Do I Take My Makeup Off



I have always made it a priority since I was a teen to take off my makeup at night no matter how tired i was. The older i get, this routine has not been peachy anymore. So today am stripping off my make up by sharing an update on how I take my makeup off.



I usually use Neutrogena eye makeup remover to remove all my makeup from a busy day. I really can’t hate on the product because I have really gotten used to loving it so much. Recently I have had to slam the brakes on my skincare routine and change some things up but first I had to come face to face with a few things I have been ignoring for years.



The first problem, I noticed I have been wiping away my make the wrong way especially under my eye. I just did not know how sensitive the skin was under your eyes. Instead of removing the makeup gently, I would rush with a heavy hand not realizing how damaging this could have been in the long run like wrinkles.



The second problem I noticed is something I hate to come in terms with, the makeup removing wipes which have made my life easier o so I thought. All I know is that it’s not the smartest or healthiest option in the long run.



The last thing I want to do after a long busy day is scrub my eyes out with stinging soap and water. Recently, I have been using extra virgin coconut oil as an alternative on a tip to remove the eye makeup under-Neath my eyes. This really made a difference and has helped hydrate the skin under my eyes. One of the most under-rated beauty products and truly made a difference for me, are my cotton rounds.



Digging deep into cotton round obsession, not all cotton rounds are equal. The best ones I have experienced so far are from swishers. They don’t tear when you apply the products on your face and the best of all- they are gentle and things won’t get super messy.



Throughout all this, I have learned to accept that there is no such thing as perfect skin. It’s a lifetime journey to keep up with and sometimes it gets super disappointing when you spent all your money trying to find the perfect product for your skin. It takes time to realize what works and what does not work but that doesn’t mean quitting on your skin. Always take your makeup off and sleep naked