I am addicted to you - Hottest sunglasses celebs wear 5

Hottest sunglasses celebs wear


Sunglasses can make or break your entire attire, so it is very wise to consult with experts before deciding on a pair. It is tempting to pick the quirkiest one in the store, but we ever so often regret the decision upon coming home. Autumn is not the time to be talking about sunglasses, but we are honestly already looking forward the warmer months of the year.

Following what celebrities wear is usually a good way to stay on top of things, and it is no different with sunglasses. These celebrities know very well what pair of shades to pair with what attire €“ or if they don’t they make sure to hire someone who does know. Easiest way for us to gain the same ability is to simply copy/paste whatever they happen to be wearing. Or at least incorporate some element in our combinations.


Miranda Kerr prefers the classic aviator design when it comes to her sunglasses. Big black lenses are without a doubt a good protection from prying eyes too, as numerous people are less likely to recognize her while wearing them.


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Nichole Richi loves Elizabeth and James model, and we sure see why. It features a lovely tiger striped pattern and pleasant light black shade lenses. This pair of sunglasses is a bit retro, and it reminds us of something Brigitte Bardot would wear.

Kate Hudson loves to experiment. Her favorite brand is Illesteva. They come in various colors, blue and red and many others, and feature cute hippy round lenses.

Poppy Delevigne usually wears ASOS sunglasses. Her favorite pair is ornamented with jewls and crystals and comes in a pleasant shade of mellow yellow.

Beyonce wears sunglasses designed by Marc Jacobs. They are light brown and round ,simplistic in design but extremely effective with both elegant and party clothes.