Hot Tattoo Trends

Hot Tattoo Trends For 2016 To Get You Inspired For Your New Tattoo

If you’re looking for a new tattoo idea, check out these hot tattoo trends that dominate the world of ink this year.


While tattoos are really all about personal taste and choice, if you’re a real tattoo addict, you know how easy it is to run out of ideas once a big part of your body is already covered in the delicate art.

Sun – the giver of life

This year’s hot tattoo trends seek for major significance and symbolic sense in body art, relying on awe-illuminating motifs. We can’t imagine a more powerful source of inspiration for body artistry than the most important source of energy on planet – the glorious sun. Sun is not only this year’s big hit but it remains on the top of hot tattoo trends each year. It symbolizes vitality and development, soul, life and rebirth, fertility and endurance.

Hot Tattoo Trends


Check out the dominating hot tattoo trends of 2016


1. Minimalistic tattoos, because the beauty is in the detail

Minimalistic tattoos that have taken over the tattoo world over past few years are still a major hit in 2016. These microscopic, subtle designs are a great way to adorn your body without too much fuss.

Hot Tattoo Trends


2. Single line tattoos


Another minimalistic design found itself between the hot tattoo trends for 2016single line tattoos.

Hot Tattoo Trends


3. Amazing double exposure tattoos


This tattoo design must be extremely difficult to make, however, this form of body art creates some of the most unbelievably stunning tattoos ever.

Hot Tattoo Trends


4. Cubism Tattoos


Inspired by Pablo Picasso’s painting style from early 20th century, this tattooing style has become one of the most desirable hot tattoo trends in recent years and is particularly popular in 2016. This technique uses blocks of color in order to shape incredibly beautiful floral motifs, portraits of animals and other unique art pieces.

Hot Tattoo Trends