A Horse In A Suit, Looks Absolutely Glowing


A horse in a suit? Now, that may sound totally ridiculous and like something no one would actually try to do. I mean, to put a suit on? But someone did it. Bookmaker William Hill made  a suit consisting 3 pieces and it is the first of such kind in the world. It is made for  a horse racing’s  Cheltenham Festival 2016, and the event is  in England. There will be different opinions about this, for sure. Some people don’t support the idea of animals being dressed, while some find it  very cute. No matter what is your personal judgement, you have to admit this horse looks glamorous in the suit.

More info: Youtube

Designer horse team had spent 4 weeks making  the suit for a race veteran Morestead


It required over  18m (59ft) of tweed €“ about 10 times more than an equivalent human garment


Morestead presented the three-piece accompanied by a  champion jockey Sir Tony McCoy


Looks dashing, doesn’t he?


Watch the four-legged  model in action in the video below: