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Home Design Travel By Madeline Weinrib


Suitably titled “A World of Influence,” Madeline Weinrib’s pop-up shop at Barneys New York is crammed with fortunes from around the world. Opening tomorrow through November 27, this store-in-a-store is Weinrib’s pop-up on the Barneys floor, however her career has been absolutely prolific. She started as a painter, yet being the granddaughter of the founder of ABC Carpet & Home, it was by all accounts destined that she design flawlessly carefully assembled, eclectic rugs and fabrics. Her business in the end extended to travel-inspired textiles and decor.


Barneys is showcasing her manifestations, and in addition different pieces sourced from around the globe, numerous made by independent artisans. The gathering incorporates pillows with her mark ikat prints; bowls from the Gem Palace in Jaipur, India; Moroccan tables; and Uzbeck servingware. Aside from her artful eye for configuration, Weinrib has a skill for finding master craftspeople, and for discovering genuine hidden treasures. Below, she unveils where to search for these buried decor treasures near and far.


Brass bookends from Palm Beach Vintage


Dixie Highway in West Palm Beach, Florida, has loads of obsolescent shops. I shop there constantly. I discovered these mid-century bookends €”part of my private gathering €”at the wonderful Palm Beach Vintage. Vintage metal is especially lovely due to its rich patina. At the point when blended with silver, it tackles a contemporary turn. There is a lot of metal mixing in my pop-up.


Mirror from Alfies Antique Market in London


I discovered these vintage chinoiserie mirrors at Alfies, one of my most loved markets, in London two years prior. Alfies is a radiant spot to scavenge around, and you can discover a wide range of things, from ’50s chandeliers to vintage costume jewelry and handbags.


Zsa Zsa chair from Palm Beach Vintage


I have a genuine fondness for pairing my fabrics with mid-century furniture initially upholstered in strong fabric. I discovered these vintage swivel chairs in Florida and covered them in my hand-cut velvet.


Bowls from Munnu The Gem Palace in Jaipur, India


Until he passed, each time I went to Jaipur I would invest time with Munnu at The Gem Palace. In the nighttimes he facilitated the most brilliant meals, I generally met fascinating people from around the globe. These perfect little bowls by Munnu The Gem Palace are called vide poche €”essentially a little container kept in a helpful area to empty your pockets. Munnu’s are hand-carved and produced using semiprecious stones, for example, malachite, lapis, and rose quartz. They are jewelry for the home.