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H&M Beauty Products You Won’t See Anywhere Else


The Internet freaked out before this Spring when H&M reported it would be propelling beauty products, and rightly so. The few available photos of the accumulation looked more like something you’d see from a fancy department store! The three-month hold up is over, and the tremendous, 700-piece assortment has arrived.


We’re cheerful to say the range ticks every all the boxes you need satisfied by a brand: hair, beauty, body care, and tools? Check. Color result in a wide range of shades for all skin tones? Check. Chic, moderate, and ideal for hoarders? Check. Continue reading for 35 product pictures you won’t see any place else until the accumulation launches on Sept. 17 €” and get your checking account ready.


Summer isn’t even here yet and we have our sights focused on Fall, thanks to H&M. In just a few months, the retailer is launching a huge, 700+ piece collection of beauty products, including hair care, body care, makeup, and accessories. The assortment will be divided into two lines €” their main products and a sustainable array approved by Ecocert that will be aligned with the store’s Conscious clothing collection.


As if you needed another reason to up the visits to H&M, there will be limited-edition launches each season. And (of course!), the beauty products will be as affordable as the rest of the store: prices range from $7 to $25. To be honest, we almost can’t believe it. The packaging is so luxe! Hoarders, can you hear that sound? Your wallets are already begging for mercy . . .