I am addicted to you - Drugstore versus High-End Primer Edition 1

High End Beauty Products versus drugstore Products

High End Beauty Products versus drugstore Products

When I was a secondary school understudy, I couldn’t think less about cosmetics, and I particularly didn’t give a doubt in the matter of regardless of whether an item originated from the drugstore or a retail chain. This week I’m looking at two preliminaries that are unbelievably distinctive in value, yet guarantee comparable (if not indistinguishable) results. We should get prepared to roll!

In This Corner: Maybelline Baby Skin Instant Pore Eraser Primer

I am addicted to you - High End Beauty Products versus drugstore Products

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I’ll begin off by saying that Maybelline is, no ifs ands or buts, my untouched most loved drugstore beautifying agents line. I can’t choose in the event that it’s because of their super-adorable bundling, or their long-standing and dependable notoriety, yet I’m snared in any case.

This primer is clear, aroma free, and guarantees to “obscure” the presence of pores, and also help your cosmetics last more and look better for whole the day. I connected it with my fingertips and focused on the parts of my face where my pores are the most obvious.


What’s more, in This Corner: Smashbox Photo Finish Foundation Primer

While I’ve explored different avenues regarding a few items from brands, for example, Benefit, Urban Decay, Lorac, and Tarte, I was totally new to Smashbox before attempting this primer out. It’s recorded as one of the top customer evaluated items on Ulta’s site, so I was super-eager to see what all the complain spoke the truth.


The Champion:

I am addicted to you - High End Beauty Products versus drugstore Products

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In spite of the fact that these two items for all intents and purposes yield indistinguishable results, I would need to name the Maybelline Baby Skin primer as the champ; basically in light of the fact that it’s such a great amount of less expensive than the one from Smashbox.

Subsequent to wearing every primer on opposite sides of my face throughout the day, my cosmetics looks and feels precisely the same on both sides– and it feels great! I have really slick skin, so I was awed with how both items broadened the wearability of my makeup without bringing about abundance sparkle, bothering, or oil.