heart rings

Heart rings – symbol of eternal love and devotion

Heart rings carry their unique shape as a symbol of eternal love and devotion! There is no shape that is more connected to the idea and concept of love than a heart!

Have you ever wondered why the heart represents love? The answers may surprise you! The shape of the heart was present through many years in the past. Ancient Egyptians believed that it was a center of life and morality while Greeks held the opinion that heart was in control of reason, thought, and emotion. They associated the ivy with the Dionysius, the god of sensual things and it is believed that the shape of the heart originates from that association.

In the middle age, the shape of the heart supposed to convey the eternal love of God for all people. It was no wonder that the shape of the heart was chosen when the new holiday originated in England – Saint Valentine’s Day.

Heart rings – the shape of the heart for eternal love

If you are still looking for the perfect engagement ring, you are in the right place! We wanted to show you the most beautiful heart rings that you can choose for your loved one! From the gorgeous pink to the astonishing red, these heart rings will amaze you with their beauty and sophistication. And there is no girl who wouldn’t like the engagement ring in the shape of the heart, so this is an easy choice!

You should only pick the most interesting color of the heart for you and the details of the ring! By looking at these heart rings, we simply couldn’t choose, they are all amazing! And, what’s the best thing, the ring doesn’t have to be expensive! You can find beautiful pieces for affordable prices!

Take a look at these adorable engagement rings and pick the perfect one for your love!