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nutritionists versus

Healthy food- nutritionists versus regular people!

If we take a look at nutritionists versus typical people’s opinion about healthy food, you  might get surprised. We surly were when we read about it.

There are many different opinions out there from different experts about which foods are healthy and which are not, the same as how healthy they are.

But not only the experts are those who are filling our heads with information. Here we have marketing, studies, etc.

So,  to compare what is it that nutritionists believe is healthy and what typical American people believe,  The  New York Times did a survey.

The number one thing that came in question was a coconut oil. It is well known that all around the internet you can read about it and almost everything you have ever heard or read about it is positive. However, here is what is nutritionists versus regular people’s opinion. Among  nutritionists only 37% agree about the healthiness of coconut oil while 72% people believe it is very healthy. Unfortunately, it is a  saturated fat, so this is why it is on the list of not so healthy foods but it doesn’t mean you should stop using it. If for nothing else, it really is great and healthy for beauty products.


Let’s compare some other foods when it comes to percent of healthiness, so we will list is as our title says, nutritionists versus regular people:


Quinoa:  89% – 58%

Tofu: 85%- 57%

Sushi: 75%- 49%

Hummus: 90%- 66%

Wine: 70%- 52%

At the end there are some foods both parties agree that are healthy, such as chicken, oranges, oatmeal and apples.

The same agreement goes with unhealthy foods: steak, whole milk popcorn, diet soda, hamburgers, white bread and everything with gluten.

What is your personal opinion about that? With which side do you agree? Well, no matter what your answer might be, it is important to do a good research and to eat healthy.