I am addicted to you - Hawaii Collection by OPI for Spring, Summer 2015 11I am addicted to you - Hawaii Collection by OPI for Spring, Summer 2015 11

Hawaii Collection by OPI for Spring, Summer 2015


Today I have the Hawaii Collection by OPI for Spring/Summer 2015 for you. Like the OPI San Francisco Collection, I was exceptionally amped up for this one in light of the fact that it is more concerning for me.

Why is this concerning for me? Well a some reasons really. The last time I was in Hawaii was in 2007 for my wedding on the shoreline in Oahu! Be that as it may, I also have affectionate recollections of heading off to the islands of Kauai, Oahu, Hawaii and Maui as a child on an excursion ordinarily. Additionally, Mr. VV was positioned in Oahu for a long time, so we both have a pleasant bond with the islands.

So obviously these shades were propelled by the water, sand, nightfalls, lush greenery and bright blooms of the islands. I would kill to arrive right this second!

Do You Take Lei Away? is a sand-hued creme. I didn’t think much about this shade in the container yet I kinda like it on the nails. This was two coats and it secured pleasantly.

Suzi Shops & Island Hops is a light pink creme. I did need three flimsy coats for this one on the grounds that it was on the streakier side.

Is Mai Tai Crooked? is an orange creamsicle creme. I adore this shading on the grounds that it’s fun and exceptionally fruity looking. This was three light coats as it was a bit inconsistent on me.

That is Hula-rious! is a pastel mint/pistachio creme. This is most likely my most loved shade in the entire accumulation. It’s simply immaculate looking and the formula is decent too. This was two coats.

Aloha from OPI is a splendid coral creme. This is a super immersed shade and only a small bit streaky on me with two coats. A base coat would likely deal with that however.

My Gecko Does Tricks is a striking green with a magnificent shimmery completion. I adore this shade of green yet not the completion. It’s fairly brush-stroke-y, even with slight coats. This is two coats.

Run with the Lava Flow is a brilliant ruddy pink shine. This is another of my top choices in this accumulation. It is so splendid and beautiful, and the formula was fabulous. This was two coats.