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Do you have tired eyes? Let’s help you to make them fresh again!

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Do you  have tired eyes? In the morning when you wake up how do your eyes look like? Like that you have been up all night long, right? We can imagine how you feel. When you see your reflection in the mirror, all you want is to go back to bed and cover yourself with a blanket to hide your eyes.

If it is just a little bit comforting to you, you are not alone. There are thousands of people dealing with the same problem. However, for women, this is  more unpleasant and uncomfortable.

Women like to look great and fresh and what is it that you first see on the woman’s face, except lips of course? Well, eyes. If they are not fresh and beautiful, first thing that crosses your mind is, what the hell she has been doing? Was she up all night? Was she at some kind of party drinking all night? Hm, maybe she is still drunk. Anyway, if your eyes are not beautiful there is not one comment that can come out of this with positivity.

There are many products available to fight this issue. Unfortunately sometimes they are not helpful, or they do not help to every person.

So, we have to use some tricks to deal with the issue.


If you have tired eyes, here is what you can do:


1- Use ice

There are products which when applied are cooling down the area and reduce that bags under your eyes. But if you don’t have those products, you can use ice from your freezer. Take a  linen cloth and put ice on  it. Wrap it and put it on your eyes.

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2- Curl your lashes

It will take only a few seconds but the effect is great. If you curl your lashes, they will look longer and will open your eyes. Tired eyes will look less tired.

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3- White liner

If you have tired eyes, use white liner. It will also open your eyes. You will look like you have bigger eyes. White liner will give that freshness you desperately need.

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4- Use 2 different mascara colors

Here is another good trick to open your eyes and make them look bigger,  and at the same time totally fresh. So, to kill that tired look, use brown mascara on the lower lashes and black on the upper. You will get a contrast that helps with that problem.

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5- Add some light

Use highlighter in 3 key spots and you will look like you have slept 10 hours. Use it  under the brows, like that you will lift your look. Then in the middle of your lids and  on the outside corners of your eyes. If perhaps you don’t have highlighter, you can use oil. It will give the same effect.

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6- Brushing up your brows

Again one easy and fast step to better look. You must brush your brows because they are important too. If you have nice brows shape and the right color, that will help with your look.

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We hope these tricks will help you. But let’s focus on some other things that are important. Makeup tricks are here to help hide some things. But you can make sure you don’t have that problem at all.

So, how to help yourself to not have tired eyes?  First of all, you really have to sleep enough. Your sleep must also be quality one. If you wake up every half an hour that is not good. Not just for your eyes but for health in general.

Second thing, you have to drink a lot of water. As you probably know, a recommended amount is 2 liters per day. Water is very important for your entire body, from inside and outside. Thus, for your face and skin too.

You have to eat a healthy food. Make sure you eat lots of fruits and vegetables. Your face skin and eyes need vitamins and minerals. Avoid unhealthy food and sugar.

And last thing you have to do is to exercise. At least 2-3 times per week and minimum 30 minutes.

When you combine these things with makeup tricks you will look fresh and beautiful. And with a healthy lifestyle, soon you will not be worried about tired eyes, because you won’t have them.