Happiness And Tips on How to Choose to be Happy

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Struggling with your happiness? If yes, you can work on it.

Happiness is not something you postpone for the future; it is something you design for the present.”Jim Rohn

Or, we could also say that happiness is not something inscribed in our genetic code. You have to make a choice – if you’re going to be happy or not.

Of course, we all want to be happy and you have to work hard to achieve that. How will you do that? To be happy, you have to think about every little situation which has made you, or is still making you unhappy, and then turn it the other way around. It doesn’t mean you will all of a sudden become happy about everything, but you can learn how to care less. How to stress yourself less and deal with certain situations in a more positive way.




How to deal with happiness

-For example, if something bad happens to you on a particular day, you can choose how this will affect you. Will you complain about it a whole day, or you will decide to ignore it and focus on some more positive things which make you happy.

-If you have experienced something unpleasant like humiliation, anger or disrespect, you can be unhappy about it, but this will not change anything. Rather choose to not allow this affect you.

-People have their own behaviors and reactions which you cannot change. But you can change how this will affect you.

These are external events that can affect your mood and have an influence on it. If you allow yourself to be in the grace of these influences and forces, you will lose your inner peace and happiness. That means that your happiness will be determined by other individuals in your life.



Choose joy and happiness as a way of your life

No matter how hard it may be, choose to be happy and strive to accomplish that. Ignore, reject and refuse all the things associated with bad feelings and unhappy thoughts.

This will take time and effort, but it can be done. This is something that you have to achieve step by step. Sometimes you will get back to that unpleasant feeling of unhappiness, but gradually this will change.

Ignore all the external bad influences. Your own attitude is what makes you feel unhappy or happy.

Of course, it is logical to conclude that happiness is experienced when everything is OK, when plans go smoothly, when you are respected and loved.

Happiness is experienced when you’re doing something you love, when you get exactly what you want, when you are in some peaceful and beautiful place.

When all that is achieved, there are no fears, worries or negative thoughts.

So, what is it to be concluded? Happiness and inner peace are connected from inside.

Happiness does not come as a result of good and positive events, as many believe. It comes from inside, but it is external events that made it happen.


Here are the 10 tips to help you be happy, to choose to be happy



1- Find positive things in every situation

This should not be hard, there is something positive in each situation. Discover that positivity and focus on it.

2- Focus on solution

Don’t focus on a problem, focus how to find a solution and start to deal with the problem.

3- Focus on your thoughts

When you catch yourself thinking negative thoughts, change them into positive and happy ones.

4- Watch movies, comedies

Watch movies that will make you laugh, not the ones that will make you cry.

5- Read

Read a book, or articles that will motivate you.



6- Think about the things you have already accomplished

Focus on that. If you haven’t reached some goals, try to do that by making smaller steps toward them. Don’t let yourself be frustrated or feel like you cannot do something. You can! Maybe it will take time, but you can.

7- Do something for yourself, every day

Take every day enough time to do something for yourself. It doesn’t have to be something big. Small things like visiting a friend, go out to drink coffee in some nice cafeteria.

8- Surround yourself with people

Spend time with a quality company, be around positive people.

9- Don’t take things too personally

Every person has a right to have their own opinion, listen to it and if you don’t agree, don’t take it personally

10- Listen to relaxing music

Listen only to the music that will make you feel relaxed. Music is the language of the soul, it is said. Use it for a better mood.