I am addicted to you - Wearing a Two-Piece is not a reason to Be Hot 4

Hannah Davis In Two Pieces Bikini

Hannah Davis In Two Pieces Bikini

Model Hannah Davis made a splash when she revealed that she’s more into one-pieces as of late.

€œI love a one-piece. I just started getting into them last year, and it’s so much sexier, € Davis told Style.com. €œYou are like the cool, sporty girl who isn’t trying too hard. Like in Baywatch. They didn’t have to wear a skimpy two-piece to be hot. €

It seems more designers are hopping for one-piece trend. Also, there were plenty of interesting options on display this season. Some are memorable offerings at the Maxim swimwear debut show, Mara Hoffman, and Pret-a-Surf.


€œI am not a girl who just sits at the pool and lays out, € added Davis. €œIf I go to the beach, I am going to run around like a little kid. € That’s also how the model likes to stay fit: €œI just try to stay active and do things like play Frisbee at the beach. If I obsess about it, it never works, so I feel like I am in better shape when I don’t worry too much. €