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Halloween Makeup Costumes- Be ready to scare in just a few minutes


American Horror Story: Asylum

This unbelievable costume from YouTube channel HeavenOnearth takes a cue from the opening sequence of American Horror Story: Asylum. All you need besides the makeup is an old white t-shirt.


Ruby Rose 

After appearing on the second season of Orange Is the New Black, Ruby Rose became everyone’s latest beloved celebrity. YouTube makeup expert Kandee Johnson’s use of contouring and hair illusion is so accurate that Ruby Rose herself tweeted about this tutorial.


The Purge

It doesn’t get much creepier than this The Purge makeup tutorial from popular YouTube channel Madeyewlook. All you need costume-wise is a shirt you’re willing to stain with fake blood and some sort of makeshift weapon.


The Ring (Samara)

Remember that creepy girl who came out of the TV in The Ring? This tutorial from audfaced shows us how to nail this iconic costume with a simple dress and some serious makeup skills. This is an especially perfect choice for someone with long, dark hair.



While the Day of the Dead-inspired Sugar Skull has become a go-to costume, this tutorial from Chrisspy reminds us how awesome a well-done traditional skull can be. Grab some black-and-white clothes, and your costume is complete!


Old Timer

We love the idea of pulling Halloween costume inspiration from your future, as the CoyMakeup channel demonstrates in this “old age” makeup tutorial. To go as the granny version of yourself, use this tutorial along with comfortable clothes — perhaps a large floral dress or floor-length nightgown.

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This tutorial from YouTuber Bailey Van Der Veen shows you how to create a stunning mime-inspired Halloween look. Complete the costume with a black, white, or striped outfit and some over-the-top silent gestures.


Cartoon Skeleton

If you’re looking for something colorful, fun, and still a bit creepy, look no further than this cartoon anatomy makeup from YouTube channel Madeyewlook. For clothing, we suggest an all-black, black-and-white, or color-blocked look.


Ventriloquist Doll

Anyone else think ventriloquist dummies are inherently kind of creepy? YouTuber Claire Dinn shows you how to create face-and-neck doll makeup that can easily stand alone, or be paired with a classic suit.


Pop Art

Roy Lichtenstein’s pop art, comic-book style paintings have now become iconic. This tutorial from Emma Pickles shows us how to use makeup to create a pop-art style costume, easily completed with an all-black or color-blocked outfit.


Puking Rainbow (Snapchat Lens)

There’s pretty much no costume quite as timely as the “puking rainbow” costume inspired by the new Snapchat lenses. YouTube channel GettingPretty shows us how to nail this modern makeup — perfect to pair with a white tank top and jeans.

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