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Hair Breakage Treatment, Don’t Let Brittle Hair Bog You Down

Does your hair brush scream murder each time you take a sweep at your hair? While losing 100-200 strands of hair consistently is a normal occurrence, something more than that ought to be disturbing and you need to choose what is bringing on so much hair breakage, and resort to hair breakage treatment.



Take a gander at your hair brush and check whether there is a lot of your hair there. If your response to this is yes, then you have to reexamine your decisions, your hair products and also what is going ahead in your diet! Here are a few reasons behind hair fall and how you can prevent hair breakage.


Your Pony Is Too Tight

We concur, your hair stays best in a pony, however after some time, pulling it onto a long and tight pony will bring about the hair to stress on the roots and they will get to be weaker. Having the same hairdo over and over will bring about excessive breakage. You will need to verify that you keep exchanging hairstyles to avoid hair breakage.


You Try To Style Wet Hair

When you are simply out of your shower, your hair is exceptionally helpless and attempting to style it while it is wet is the thing that causes hair breakage. Regardless of the fact that you utilize brush or brush tenderly on wet hair, it can bring about the hair to break. You ought to just detangle your hair when it is wet and dry it truly well before you begin styling it.


Your Diet Lacks All The Good Things

For strong hair, it is imperative to have a good diet. Your hair will endeavor better just when your diet has proper protein. Protein is useful for wear and tear of your hair and general intake will also guarantee that your hair is in the best conceivable condition and stop hair breakage. Then again, an excess of protein can also make hair weak. It is essential to locate the right balance of protein to verify that your hair is in the best of its wellbeing.


You Use Too Much Heat €¦ Everyday

Applying heat on your hair-as the hair curler or the straightener is also stress for your hair. You are subjecting your hair to something strange and this will dry out your hair more and reason it to wind up weak and break effortlessly. If you need to straighten your hair, you ought to do it on alternate days or utilize a good heat protectant serum. Additionally, next time you are close to that straightener, notch down the heat please?


Product Overload

We know you adore your TiGi and your Tony & Guy products. Yet, abusing these products will make your hair fragile furthermore cause product buildup on your scalp, which in turn will bring about your hair to break effectively. Go simple on those hair products and try sticking to natural stuff beyond what many would consider possible.