hair bow Tutorial

Hair Bow – Incredible Ways To Style Your Hair!

When it comes to the beauty of woman’s hair, hair bow is certainly one of the best things that you can do!

Some of us, girls, don’t like our hair falling over our faces, so we prefer to keep it in a bow! We know how it is hard to be the best version of yourself without a proper hairstyle. In order to be beautiful, we have to keep our hair nice, shiny and with a nice haircut.

As Iris Apfel said: “If your hair is done properly and you have on good shoes, you can get away with anything”. We, girls, know that “hair doesn’t make a woman, but good hair definitively helps”!

When it comes to the hair bows, many women fear that they wouldn’t know how to do it, or that it will fall apart as soon as it is done.

You may think that making a hair bow is some kinda philosophy, but it actually isn’t! Of course, if you know how to do it! There are many hair bow tutorials that you can find online, but we prepared for you one simple and easy, from Steff,   a professional hair stylist, makeup artist and beauty blogger.

Steps for making a perfect hair bow

She used this technique on the bride and people got interested for her work. For making a perfect bow, you should take a small section from your hair from both sides. Then, you have to tie two sections  with an elastic and make a half ponytail. And then create a loop as in the picture! Afterwards, create two smaller loops and clip one loop inside for later.

Spread out the loops with your fingers and form a bow shape by pushing it flat against your head. Use two bobby pins, one going from top to bottom and one going from bottom to top. The same steps use for the other side, to finish the hair bow shape.

In the gallery bellow, check the steps on the pictures  for making a perfect hair bow!