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For each lady who has ever set her alarm to awaken an hour prior to her boyfriend blends, Hillary Clinton has words for you: “So be it, sister.” It appears to be not in any case previous secretaries of state are absolved from the desire that ladies look polished in the work environment.

Clinton addresses the substances of such weights in a Facebook Q&A that she facilitated a month ago, reacting to a commentator who needed to know how the presidential applicant has dealt with the “hair and makeup tax” that requests that ladies spend more time in morning schedules than men do.

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The information is not all narrative. Studies demonstrate it. As per The Atlantic, the cosmetics industry creates $60 billion every year. All things considered, a lady will contribute $15,000 to that primary concern. The trade and the measurements made us wonder: How much do ELLE perusers shell

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out on stylish taxes? Feel free to declare, below.